In Memory

Christi Thomas

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03/08/13 11:14 PM #1    

(Mary) Katherine Koselka (Robredo)

Christi committed suuicide by jumping off the golden gate bridge.  Sweet, dear friend in High School...I remember when the first Dave Mason album cam out, listening to it for hours......

03/10/13 11:10 AM #2    

Art Mendelsohn Jr

Thanks Mary. Had no idea.

09/10/13 06:30 PM #3    

Laurie Milliken (Lawson)

Christi was my dearest friend and my cousin. I loved her like a sister. We were only 1 mo apart in age. We played in playpens together and did everything.  We lived together with 2 other roommates in San Diego while I was in college at UCSD. Vicki Meyer Parker was one of the other roommates. Another roommate, Gayle, was from northern California and attended UCSD with us. Sadly Chrisi had some type of nervous breakdown in 1977-78. I had graduated from college and was living in Hawaii at the time she commited suicide.  She had moved to San Francisco and was receiving  in and outpatient carefor her mental symptoms.  I guess it was too much for her, She committed suicide in May, 1978. What a sadness.

10/19/13 03:15 PM #4    

Vicki Meyer (Parker)

Christi was my best friend for several years.  I had to sneak to spend time with her after I ran away in 8th grade and my Mom found out from her notes that we were smoking pot. Despite that, we remained close friends.  She introduced me to many wonderful musicians and albums over the years. Somehow she always discovered them way before anyone else. Christi taught me many other things too, such as cooking techniques. We made a mean fruit salad I remember. Her artistic eye was also something I appreciated. We were living together at the time of her death. I still miss her and grieve the loss of one of the most beautiful people I have ever met - both inside and out. I am friends and keep in touch with Erin, (her younger sister by exactly 1 year). Her cousin (Laurie) is my closest life friend and was maid of honor at my wedding.

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