In Memory

Rex Jones

Sudden Death (reason unknown)

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09/17/13 06:03 PM #1    

Art Mendelsohn Jr

I have a very fond memory of Rex. it was after our final grad practice and I ran into him in the parking lot near the pool as we were getting into our cars. In all the years we spent at the same schools together I had never spoken to Rex, we were such different people who hung around with different sets of friends, but I admired him for being so smart and graduating with all the academic accolades (I barely graduated!). Anyway I went up and congratulated him and we talked for about 15 minutes. He told me he was going off to Stanford, I told him I was going to Pasadena CC. I just remember that it was a warm, friendly conversation between two guys who had known each other for years but had never spoken. However, it was the easy kind of conversation you would expect from two friends. I was always impressed with Rex and knew he would do well in life. For me, I wasn't so sure!

09/20/13 09:58 AM #2    

Candy (Candace) Brown (Brown)

I was very sad to read of Rex Jones passing on this website.  I was in many classes with him in High School.

Rex Jones was brilliant and had a humble social graciousness that I appreciated.  He was a real gentleman.  I don't know if people recall that he became a medical doctor...I recall a gynecologist...which I say with a wry smile and yet know that he I am sure was a fantastic doctor and appreciated for his competence by all his patients.  

I send him a heavenly shout out!  I am still here on this Earth as a mortal working out my Earthly human issues and gaining some wisdom and perspective along the way.  I look forward to meeting up with Rex some day!  

"Candy" Candace Brown

10/11/13 11:03 AM #3    

Melissa Blanche (McPartlin)

I was in Dr. Lieber's Government Class with Rex and Dr. Lieber let us discuss our differing views.

I had a lot to say because I'm on the socialist side of things.

The wonderful world of Rex was that you could have an exchange of ideas that was healthy and positive. That's what he contributed to that class. Dr. Lieber would put up an idea for discussion and Rex was the first one to think of something thoughtful and something we could all expound upon, move around, think about, look at from different perspectives  and explore together, not apart. He would start very open ended discussions from Dr. Lieber.

I came in thinking Rex was a little odd because he carried a briefcase. He seemed so quiet. But he wasn't in class. I came to see that he was just a focused person.

I left knowing there was one of the smartest  people in the school and that I would never have spoken up if he hadn't started things rolling.

I know Dr. Lieber appreciated him for his ability to articulate ideas and get the class talking and to never act like he was intellectually above the rest of us, which he most likely was. He was so smart you would think of what he said later and ponder it.

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