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01/29/13 04:05 PM #1    


Art Mendelsohn Jr

Welcome to the La Canada High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/03/13 04:29 PM #2    


Mark Robinson

Who has a 1973 yearbook...please send my class photo.   Thanks Mark

04/26/13 10:48 PM #3    


Mike Smith

here is a link to the 20th reunion  

05/18/13 06:18 PM #4    


Mike Smith

and check out......

05/19/13 05:47 PM #5    


Mark Robinson

Thank you for post this...Too many folks I had forgotten

05/19/13 06:06 PM #6    


Mark Robinson

What is Dress: California Casual

05/20/13 02:44 PM #7    


Mike Smith

looks like you are wearing it

05/20/13 05:19 PM #8    


Art Mendelsohn Jr

Mark - Slacks or jeans and a nice shirt. And anything above that. I'm sure you'd like to break out your tails!

05/21/13 11:10 AM #9    


Mike Smith

all i own is shorts and t shirts

06/22/13 11:59 PM #10    

Gary (Griz) Drylie (Mr. Shelly Only Kidding N/A)

Hello to all out there. Can anyone get me a clean cut of our school logo? If you can e-mail it to me at


Thank you

Gary "Griz" Drylie

06/23/13 07:53 AM #11    

Barbara Bundy (White)

Hey Gary,

I sent a picture of the cover of the yearbook from my phone.  I hope you get it and it helps.

See you in October.


Barbara Bundy-White

06/27/13 11:04 AM #12    


Art Mendelsohn Jr

Gary - Did you get whan you need?



08/16/13 06:15 PM #13    


Loretta Iannalfo (Kazantzis)

Hi Everyone!

The invitations went in the mail today so watch for yours and RSVP!

See you all on Oct 19

Loretta Iannalfo

04/18/14 09:42 AM #14    


Mike Smith

Everyone, the committee had a meeting last night and we have decided on a date for the 45th. Mark your calendars: Sat Oct 18, 2018! And don't forget about the LCHS 50th for all classes on May 31 in Memorial Park.

05/08/14 01:53 PM #15    


Loretta Iannalfo (Kazantzis)

Hi Everyone

Just a reminder that there is going to be a celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of LCHS.   Saturday May 31 from 4-8pm at La Canada Memorial Park (across from the Church of the Lighted Window)   Bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and look out for the 1973 placard. There will be a program at 5pm and music.  See you there!

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